The HITRUST brand is composed, but not limited to a name, a logo, and a suite of products, solutions, and services, and their respective names and logos. We ask that all mentions and uses of the HITRUST brand be pre-approved by the HITRUST marketing team. Please send requests to


HITRUST is a registered name and must be written in all caps. The registered mark is only necessary on the first mention of HITRUST on a web page, article, or printed page of collateral.


The HITRUST logo represents the face of our brand. We take great care in preserving the integrity of our identity and ask that you please follow our general logo usage guidelines:

  • Use the logo version appropriate to content background and makeup. Do not place the logo over backgrounds, such as patterned, or any other type of background imagery that may hinder logo legibility. Use the full color logo version for white and light backgrounds, and use the all-white logo version on dark backgrounds.
  • Do not use a grayscale version of the logo. The logo is available in two versions: full color (our corporate dark blue and red colors) and all-white.
  • Other than scaling, do not alter the logo. Do not stretch, alter the shape, replace colors, outline or combine the logo with other elements.
  • Do not remove the registered mark on the logo.
  • Do not pair the logo with other marks.
  • Be mindful of ideal clearspace – the equivalent of the width of the HITRUST “H”:
  • Do not layer content over or below the logo.
  • The use of the HITRUST logo must be approved in all cases. Any alterations to the logo must also be approved. Please send requests for approval, along with examples of usage, to

We offer the ability to download a logo package to help satisfy your media needs. Artwork for the logo is available in Adobe Illustrator EPS format, which is compatible with both PC and Mac. Additionally, JPG and PNG files are available for use in other applications such as Photoshop, InDesign, Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint.

Download the HITRUST Logo here