Introducing the Next Generation of MyCSF®

As the best in class Software as a Service (Saas) information risk management platform for assessing and reporting information risk and compliance, MyCSF makes it easy and cost-effective for an organization to manage information risk and meet international, federal, and state regulations concerning privacy and security.

Regardless of the industry served, organizations are challenged with managing information security risks, data governance, complying with the numerous information protection regulations, and adhering to national and international standards and best practices. HITRUST® understands that addressing these challenges is a priority for organizations of all sizes, in all industries and geographies. Implementing an information risk management framework, performing thorough and accurate information risk assessment, streamlining remediation activities, and reporting and tracking compliance is resource intensive and complicated at best and many times overwhelming.

We’ve leveraged our unique position and experience in framework development and information risk management and compliance, combined with processing hundreds of thousands of risk assessments, to design the most efficient solution for assessing, managing, and reporting information risk and compliance.

MyCSF makes it easy and cost-effective for an organization to manage information risk and meet international, federal, and state regulations concerning privacy and security. The MyCSF tool provides global organizations of all sizes with a purposefully designed and engineered SaaS solution for performing risk assessments and corrective action plan management, including enhanced benchmarking and dashboards as well as integration with major GRC platforms and the HITRUST Assessment XChange™. MyCSF is a solution that will support an organization’s evolving assessment needs that align with managing risk in the changing cyber threat, information risk, and global regulatory landscape.

MyCSF – Features

  • Centralized Corrective Action Plans (CAPs) – Manage all CAPs across your organization, including those stemming from non-HITRUST assessments, from one singular location
  • Custom Assessments – Tailor assessments to fit your organization’s needs, whether by selecting an entire regulatory factor or specific control requirement statements individually from the HITRUST CSF
  • Evidence Support – Maintain a library of supporting documentation and link them to control requirements and maturity domains, including the abilities to upload and download documents in bulk and view uploaded evidence with an in-browser document reader
  • Track Assessments Submitted for CSF Reports – Tracking HITRUST reviewed requirement statements and responding to HITRUST Assurance review comments is easier with new views and pages
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Enhancements – Streamlined and automated aspects of the QA process increase efficiency and reduce report processing times
  • Custom User Roles – Customize user roles to have as many (or as few) capabilities as necessary to meet the specific needs of assessment teams
  • Assessment Navigation – Provides an intuitive application design coupled with dynamic logic that guides users
  • CSF Assessment Preview – Provide an understanding of the implications that the change in scope, authoritative sources, or CSF version will have on an assessment
  • Aggregated Respondent Answers – Aggregates scoring for assessment questions that have been delegated to multiple respondents based on weights you determine
  • Advanced Analytics & Dashboards – Includes the ability to create customized charts and dashboards
  • Benchmarking – Customized benchmarks against populations that you choose
  • New UI – Improve workflow and save time with our modernized and simplified user interface
  • Platform Support – Enables full functionality for desktop, tablet, and mobile use
  • Control Inheritance – Supports the ability to inherit control scores from internal and external assessments
  • Comprehensive Reporting – Includes compliance reporting on various authoritative sources
  • Robust API – Enables integration and exchange of assessment related information with GRC tools
  • Integration with the HITRUST Assessment XChange – Integration of the HITRUST MyCSF and HITRUST Assessment XChange platforms makes sharing risk assessment data simple, secure, and efficient

By utilizing MyCSF, an organization can reduce resources, improve efficiencies, enhance reporting and dashboards, streamline assessment modeling, and share assessment information with other applications relating to information risk management and compliance.

MyCSF is offered in varying subscription levels. For more information, please complete the form below.