The HITRUST Third Party Assurance Program enables organizations to apply the HITRUST CSF Assurance Program to streamline the third-party risk management process by using a single comprehensive framework harmonizing multiple standards and best practices to support a single assessment that may be reported out in multiple ways.  Using the CSF Assurance Program for third-party risk management can result in significant reductions in the cost and level of effort. An increasing number of organizations are now requiring their business associates within their industries to obtain CSF Certification.

To ensure business associates and other key vendors are able to provide input, influence, and directly engage with HITRUST and other organizations relating to the HITRUST Third Party Assurance Program and other programs impacting business associates, the HITRUST Third Party Assurance Council (TPA Council) was formed. TPA Council members represent a variety of types and sizes of organizations supporting the healthcare and public health sector and hold varying positions with diverse expertise. The Council will hold four meetings over the course of the year to discuss ways the Third Party Assurance and other programs can consider and accommodate business associate and vendor perspectives and objectives.