On June 28, 2017, HITRUST hosted a webinar that provided a valuable debrief and analysis of the recent cyber attack on the healthcare industry known as “WannaCry”.

View WANNACRY Debrief Webinar Recording

According to Forbes, the NSA cyber weapon-powered WannaCry ransomware that spread across the world infected as many as 200,000 Windows systems, including those at 48 hospital trusts in the U.K. and compromised medical devices. The HITRUST Cyber Threat XChange (CTX) detected and shared early indicators of the May 12 attack several weeks in advance to the participating members which resulted in immediate protection from such a ransomware attack.

During the free webinar, HITRUST:

  • Identified the continuing variants of WannaCry,
  • Discussed what can be done to reduce the impacts and risks, and
  • Introduced several tools and resources offered by HITRUST that can mitigate the impact of these attacks.

Our experts also showed how automated and timely collaboration might have shifted focus of the attack to other countries to thwart a major breach in the U.S. and highlight ways that the HITRUST CTX can reduce the risk of a breach or compromise by sharing intelligence during all stages of an attack — as is evident from the WannaCry outbreak.